The Gaspe Peninsula Part 5: Heading Home.

Day 23 & 24 Mont Joli – Charny. Quebec – Toronto.
Total Distance : 1131km
Tuesday, June 25th and Wednesday, June 26th.
Cool and windy with some rain. 12C.

It was a little sad knowing that it was the final full day of our trip. We thought it would be fitting to commemorate our journey at the beach. Before breakfast while the tide was still out, we got our drawing sticks and our cameras out to capture this shot.

After breakfast we took a ride to the Jardins Metis. Only 10km down the highway, but pedaling into the wind made it feel like more. We had a picnic outside at a table and took a look around. Now for the fun, riding back to town with the wind at our backs. We zipped along at 30km/h and were back at Rose’s for our last lunch in no time.

The weather was looking a little threatening at this point in the day so we decided to ride up into Mont Joli and start killing time. Our train is scheduled to leave just before 1am so we were hoping to find something to do. It started raining so we stopped for shelter at the train station. This would be our home for quite awhile today.

The rain stopped and the sun was trying desperately to shine, so we went for a walk in search of the 3 murals we didn’t see yesterday. All of a sudden it started to pour. We got a little wet before taking shelter under a porch roof. We waited for the rain to stop again and then went back to the train station where we had left our bikes. We made a picnic on the steps and tried to keep warm.

After a while we needed to go warm up and find a bathroom. IGA came to mind and wasn’t too far away. We took our time walking up every aisle and then sat inside eating the crackers we bought. Eventually 10pm rolled around and the store was ready to close.

Next door was McDonald’s and they are open until 11pm. So we rolled our bikes over and loitered there for another hour. When we rode back to the train station the lights were on and it was open. Finally, we could wait inside where it was warm.


After a bit of a delay, the train arrived at 1:30am. We boarded and found our seats and tried to get as comfortable as possible. Hopefully we would get some sleep. At 4:30am it was light out and we could see the scenery rushing past.

We arrived in Charny just before 7am, a little late, and after the train juggled around a bit we were able to get off. We made our porridge in the station and then pedaled the final 20km to the airport. The ride was relatively uneventful although crossing the St Lawrence on the Pont du Quebec was pretty wild. There was a strong east wind, but on the bridge we could hardly stay upright and we were walking the bikes at this point. After that excitement we made it to the airport. It was very cool being able to pedal right up to the departures door.

Once inside we had more waiting to do. Eventually the check in counter opened and we got the bikes ready to fly. Cleared security without any trouble and boarded the plane on time. An hour and a half later we had landed in Toronto where it was 30C. Quite a change from our last two days in Quebec.

We had a lovely drive back to Ajax in peak rush hour and had a warm welcome waiting. Glor couldn’t stay for supper, but we had another great meal to bookmark another great trip.


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