Spring 2018 Saskatoon to Winnipeg 

Day 25: Winnipeg to Toronto by plane

Friday, May 25

Sunny, hot and humid. 31C
Our flight was scheduled for 3:45pm so we had some time to kill today. After breakfast we returned the rental car and then finished our packing. We had arranged a late checkout time so we decided to take a walk through the neighbourhood which consists of other hotels and big box store plazas. Each place we popped into was air conditioned so that was nice and we finished off at the grocery store to buy a few more items for our pantry. We ate lunch in our room before heading downstairs to catch the airport shuttle. 

At the airport we spent some time people watching after we checked our bikes and bags. Then we ate another snack before passing through security. On the other side we found a nice leather live seat with a view of the runways and proceeded to watch the planes come and go. Eventually it was time to proceed to our gate and board the plane.

The flight was only two hours in duration and we followed our progress on my phone. I’m always inspired by being above the clouds. 

The landing was successful as was our pick up by my Father. We arrived home to my parents house just after 8pm, concluding another bicycle adventure.  Piece by piece we are working towards cycling across Canada.


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