Spring 2018 Saskatoon to Winnipeg 

Day 23: in Winnipeg 

Wednesday, May 23

Mostly sunny and hot. SE wind. 30C 
Looks like the bikes have been retired now as the temperature out here is hot! After breakfast at the hotel with no cereal and no bowls we brought our own and enjoyed some complimentary milk.

We took a short walk to the local car rental company and then spent the day driving around with the windows down and the air conditioning cranked up. Our first stop was the small village of Brunkild which was the summer stomping grounds for one of my brothers.

Next was a visit to the Cottage Bakery in Winnipeg and then lunch by the Assiniboine River downtown. It was so hot outside that even then shade was almost unbearable. 

Then we drove over to The Forks, passing the Human Rights Museum on the way.

After 3pm we checked into our hotel room and dropped off the bikes. Then we drove to a bike shop to pickup 2 empty bike boxes for our flight home on Friday.  Then we went to the grocery store in search of our supper ingredients and then back to our room to relax in its cool confines.


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