Spring 2018 Saskatoon to Winnipeg 

Day 22: Portage la Prairie to Headingley 78km

Tuesday, May 22

Sunny with the odd cloud. South wind. 29C
With another hot day in the forecast we tried to get an early start but both of us were content to lie in bed for awhile in the morning.  By the time we made it down to the breakfast room and ate it was after 8am already. Our route out of Portage was quite nice, pedalling alongside Crescent Lake and the island park.

Before long we were riding down the on ramp of the trans Canada heading east. Shade has been very hard to come by along the highway,  but when we spot it, we stop to enjoy it.

The wind was even more annoying today than yesterday.  It was just strong enough to keep from getting any real speed built up so it was a constant struggle to keep our pace up. Like yesterday’s ride we took a lot of breaks. After 20km then almost every 10km after that just to drink water, eat some food or just stretch out a bit. The temperature climbed all afternoon and it was close to 30C after we stopped for lunch behind a Tim Hortons. 

Slowly but surely we were getting closer to our destination.  Winnipeg is within reach!


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