Spring 2018 Saskatoon to Winnipeg 

Day 20: Brandon to Carberry 52km

Sunday, May 20

Sunny and warm with a south wind. 25C 

First thing in the morning we drove our rental van back to the enterprise and then pedaled our bikes back to the hotel where we had breakfast. We could see smoke still coming from the huge fire in downtown Brandon the day before. 

Once we left the hotel we started off on the trans Canada heading east. The wind was blowing from the south which created a crosswind for us which neither helped nor hindered our progress. After one or two short breaks along the way we arrived at the Robin’s Nest motel in Carberry just after noon.

Our room wasn’t quite ready for us so we sat down in the adjoining restaurant and had breakfast for lunch. After we ate we walked over to our room and put our feet up in bed and watched a hockey game on TV. When that was over we walked back to the restaurant for a light supper – burgers and some of the best coleslaw I’ve ever had – and ultimately we passed on pie for dessert.  Back to bed and another hockey game on TV. Other than our earlier bike ride it was a supremely lazy day.

The general serenity was broken just before 11pm when a few other guests showed up at the motel including someone with 2 yappy dogs. Thankfully the drone of our uncontrollable air conditioner deftly drowned them out.


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