August in the Ottawa Valley (6 in the 613) 198km 

Day 6: Kemptville to Merrickville 22km

Saturday, August 19

Partly cloudy. 23C
This was the final day of our 6 in the 613 trip. We checked out of the hotel after breakfast and drove to Duncan’s place in Kemptville. From there he showed us a shortcut out to the road. 

The riding was great today and although our route to Merrickville was on the road the traffic was light. 

We caught several glimpses of the Rideau River and stopped for a snack at Burritts Lock where the locks were just about to open. 

Our final leg into Merrickville was a pleasant ride and a great time way to conclude the cycling part of our adventure. Duncan’s wife Suzanne drove our van to meet us for lunch and then we drove her and Duncan home afterwards. 

Don and I were dropped off at the Kingston cottage and Wendy, Glor and Yvonne carried on westward. Plans are already afoot for next year’s 6 trip. 


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