Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City to Montreal 

Day 25: Trois-Rivières to Repentigny 101km

Thursday, May 11

Cloudy, sunny, cloudy, sunny with a strong NE wind. 13C.

It was cool and wet out this morning, but by the time we were leaving the hotel the light rain had seemed to stop. We kept our rain ponchos handy to appease the rain God’s and set off on our way. Riding west out of Trois-Rivières was busy, but we had a bike lane to ride in and just before we connected with hwy 138 we came across a bakery.

The highway runs inland away from the Saint Lawrence and the wind today created the best possible tailwind we could have hoped for. We blew through Yamachiche and into Louiseville where we had our mid-morning snack.

Between there and Berthierville we sailed along without really having to even pedal the bikes. The sun came out and it was almost warm outside.

We had planned to stay in or near Berthierville for the night, but it was just after noon so we chose to keep riding. Another picnic, this time it was lunch in front of the grocery store and we were fueled up for another jaunt.

We witnessed more flooding along the way and this stretch of hwy 138 was mere inches away from being washed out. The wind was creating whitecaps on the flooded fields and we were thankful that we could get past.

The last 40km took us through Lanoraie, Lavaltrie and Saint-Sulpice before the wind gusts put us down on the edge of Repentigny at the door step of a lovely motel. Walking distance to the IGA (ee-g-ah) we had our supper in our sacs and back to our room by 6 o’clock. Being so close to Montreal now, we checked the train schedule for Friday and it is not ideal. Looks like we might have a change of plans.


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