Spring 2017 –  Ajax to Quebec City to Montreal 

Day 24: Deschambault to Trois-Rivières 72km

Wednesday, May 10

Mostly cloudy with a sunny break. E wind. 8C.

We were up and out of our hotel in Deschambault after a quick breakfast of toast and a muffin. 9am is our earliest departure time yet. The riding was easy again with no headwind and eventually we had a gentle east wind guiding us along. We tried racing a freighter upstream, but we ended up having to pedal up a hill.

When we crossed the Ottawa River over a week ago the water was quite high, but there hadn’t been any flooding yet. Today we saw first hand how the river simply overflowed near Saint-Anne-de-la-Perade. Even some of the fields on the north side of the highway were flooded too.

After stopping at a local fromagerie we stopped for our morning snack where Riviere Sainte-Anne empties into the Saint Lawrence. 

In Champlain we had another flat tire on Mom’s bike, this time on the front, so after our lunch we put in a new tube. We also crossed paths with our travelling buddy again and have named him simply – bike man. 

Our final 20km into Cap-de-la-Madeleine and then Trois-Rivières was fairly uneventful although we got a pretty good tour of downtown Trois-Rivières while searching for a place to spend the night. We weighed our options carefully and after pedalling across town, found the right spot for us. One of our main demands was having a microwave oven in the room. Where we are staying is also close to the grocery stores and a great bike shop where Mom got new tires.

Curry was on the menu tonight after 4 nights of cold plate salads and it hit the spot. 2 hockey games on tonight so we also got microwave popcorn. Let the games begin.


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