Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City 

Day 15: Chambly to Granby 49km

Monday, May 1

Rainy with an E wind. 12C. 

The rain started overnight and was coming down when we peeked out the window this morning.  We stayed in bed a little while longer until it was really time to get up. No microwave, kettle or coffee maker so no oatmeal this morning.  The tap water was pretty hot so I made a cup of tea in a tupperware container. After we got the bikes out of the garage we loaded our bags under cover in front of the motel.

Once we hit the road we crossed over the Richelieu River and found our way through town onto the bike path. La Route des Champs is a regional velo route that branches off from La Route Verte’s Route 1. It started off as crushed gravel and despite being a bit soggy from all of the recent rain, it was in fairly good condition. It made for a messy ride and we were both wet from the waist down in no time. On the outskirts of Marieville we spotted the Tigre Geant and stopped for breakfast in the parking lot after buying some granola there.

When we picked up the trail again on the other side of town we could see it going straight away into the distance. 

After 15km of pedalling uphill, into the wind, in the rain on soggy gravel we were elated when in the middle of a farmers field the trail  turned to asphalt. The pedalling was still challenging as we approached Mont Yamaska in Saint-Paul-d’Abbotsford. After cresting the low rise we seemed to descend slightly towards Granby. When we passed through the tunnel we knew we were just about there.

In Grandby we slogged our soggy selves into the hotel lobby and negotiated a room for the night. In the room we draped our wet stuff off of every conceivable surface and turned the bathroom into a drying room by cranking up the thermostat. 

The rain held off for a bit while we walked to the nearby grocery store. Soup is on the menu tonight and we plan on using our microwave to the fullest. A lot more rain is expected overnight, but the sun is rumoured to reappear by morning.


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