Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City 

Day 14: Montreal to Chambly 44km

Sunday, April 30

Cloudy with afternoon showers and an E wind. 7C. 

Yesterday while planning the rest of trip we decided to change our route a bit. We are going to ride to Quebec City by way of the Eastern Townships instead of following along the north shore of the Saint Lawrence.

 So today instead of heading north out of Montreal we turned south and then crossed the Pont de la Concorde onto Ile Sainte Helene. 

In hindsight it was fun navigating our way across to Longueuil, but at the time it was taxing.

We pedaled past what was part of the Olympic village – Habitat – and around the island before crossing onto Ile Notre-Dame. We got to ride on part of the Formula One race track and after a few quick turnarounds we made it to Longueuil. 

Lost in Longueuil. Trying to find our way onto the correct velo route that would take us to Chambly we seemed to get stuck in a particular subdivision going round and round the same streets. With a little perseverance we finally escaped and made it across town and back onto route 1 of La Route Verte. 

We had our mid – morning snack at 1:30pm in a park on the route. It started to rain so we put on our rain gear to finish our ride to Chambly. Before arriving in town we pedaled along a lovely, treelined street. 

We found the motel, and even though we are paying more for less than we did in downtown Montreal on a Saturday night, we are thankful to be off the road for the day. We walked over to the Maxi grocery store to see what would be for supper. Judging by the amount of people shopping there and the amount of stuff they were buying, we thought that maybe we missed the news about the coming apocalypse. Down the street at the Metro it was similar,  like people only shop on Sundays here. Weird.

It didn’t stop us from procuring another delicious meal. We are eager to get going in the morning and the rain in the forecast will only inspire a nice warm supper tomorrow night.


2 thoughts on “Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City 

  1. Best wishes. My partner has cycled twice from Toronto to Gaspe, QC. I’ve cycled with him on other trips between Montreal and Quebec via Velo Quebec routes. Also Ottawa and east abit. Wonderful countryside.

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