Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City 

Day 13: Coteau du Lac to Montreal 77km

Saturday,  April 29

Sunny with a very strong WSW wind. 18C.

Last night our neighbours at the motel weren’t “the clomps” after all,  they were “the romps” and their lovers quarrel went on until well after midnight. We got to sleep eventually, but probably didn’t get as much as we should have.

In the morning we said au revoir to Motel des Erables and set sail for Vaudreil. The wind pushed us along down the long straight pathway along the canal. There were lots of other people walking and cycling the trail on this beautiful Saturday morning.  

Since spring has sprung all sorts of animals and critters have come to life including the frogs who were singing away as we passed this soggy pond.

Approaching Vaudreil our path veered northwest and we got a taste of the wind we had been pedalling with. In town we turned east again and crossed the Ottawa River before stopping for our morning snack in a mall parking lot with a pile of dirty, stubborn snow melting in it.

From here on out we pedaled almost exclusively on bicycle paths heading into Montreal. When we were on the road we had our own lanes and the drivers really give way to cyclists. The cycling infrastructure in Quebec has always impressed me with both its practicality and its design – like this curly q down ramp from a bridge over a canal.

I also love the state of mind that comes from a strong cycling culture. These signs were posted along a residential street that was teeming with people on bikes.

The wind was so strong today that the waves were lapping up onto the shore. We almost stopped at this little green space,  but the wind was just too much.

The wild wind in combination with the high water levels resulted in our pathway being flooded out in a couple of spots.

The last several kilometres into the city centre were crawling with people. The nice weather seemed to have brought everybody out in one way or another and navigating through them all was challenging. As we approached the old city the business was compounded by the wandering tourists who don’t quite know how to stay off of the cycle-paths. We were patient, but were running out of steam. We found our little hotel with little trouble and got settled in. 

After a quick trip to the nearby grocery store we prepared our supper and ate. I slipped into a post-meal coma and woke up refreshed, but still exhausted. We spent the evening relaxing and discussing the plan for our next few days. Sounds like we’ll be doing it a little differently than we had originally planned. Stay tuned.


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