Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City 

Day 12: Cornwall to Coteau du Lac 69km

Friday, April 28

Sunny with a strong SW wind. 19C.

A tailwind had been forecast for today and they were correct. For only the second day of our trip we would be pedalling with a tailwind. 

Once we left the motel we rode into the wind on the trail west to the edge of down before turning south and down along Cornwall’s waterfront. 

The trail is in great shape and passes by a power dam, the International Seaway bridge, the Downtown, Saint Lawrence College, a sportsplex, a theatre and the marina. There are other trails splintering off here and there too. 

We covered a lot of ground with the wind at our backs today and after riding 20km we stopped in a park parking lot for our morning snack. 

With the weather warming up over the last several days we have been watching the leaves slowly start to emerge in the woods.

It was nice to refuel, but the pedalling came easy today. We were travelling twice as fast as we had been on most of this trip.

After 50km we stopped for lunch on the Quebec border. We did start to tire so we decided not to push ourselves too much. We chatted with a group of cyclists heading to Montreal from Toronto and then let pass us on their way. After 2pm the roads got busy and we got off them. 

Our motel for tonight is quaint and not quite the quiet luxury of last night’s room. It is nestled alongside Hwy 20, our refrigerator makes strange noises and the clomps might be staying next door.

We found our first boulangerie which was exciting and bought quiche for supper and made a salad too. 

We are fairly resourcful while travelling. We have carry out own dishes, cutlery, sink and soap. Tonight we improvised a dish rack. 

Friday night in Coteau du Lac!


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