Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City 

Day 11: Morrisburg to Cornwall 45km

Thursday, April 27

Fog then sun and humidity with an E wind. 27C.

Every trip we do we come up with a motto and for this trip it might be ” In to the Wind!” Heavy fog rolled in off the lake overnight as warm air from the south blew over the cold water of the Saint Lawrence. It was still cool when we left Morrisburg,  but as the temperature warmed up the fog lifted.
Because we were riding into the wind again, we decided to break our distance into sections of 10km. This strategy made the riding easier and some great scenery and some sunshine helped too. 

The first ten took us from Morrisburg to the Chrysler Farm battlefield memorial. 

The second ten kilometres took us through Upper Canada Village which wasn’t open for the season yet and then along a beautiful trail through the woods.

The whole time we were almost always within view of the water.

Such a nice change from riding along the highway. 

At twenty kilometres we stopped for our morning snack in a campground and then the next ten kilometres were pedalling along the Saint Lawrence Sea-way. We still struggled into the wind, but the sunshine kept us distracted enough that we just kept pedalling along.

Finally the last leg of our journey was a paved bike path running parallel to highway 2 that took us right into Cornwall. We have stayed here before so we’re familiar with where we were going. After we checked in we ate lunch in our room and then relaxed for awhile.  

When it was time to go out for dinner we walked over to the grocery store only to find that it was closed for good. Gone. After asking around we were directed to another store further away and by the time we stopped and walked back to our room 2 hours had gone by. It was also 27C by this time so we were hot, tired and hungry. 

Not to worry, we had a fabulous two course meal with two baseball games and two hockey games. Not only do we know how to eat, we know how to rest.


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