Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City 

Day 10: Johnstown to Morrisburg 36km

Wednesday,  April 26

Sunny with clouds and an E wind. 15C.

Today was a little more difficult to get out of bed for both of us, but we did. Oatmeal in our room and eventually out the door and into the wind again.

Across the river was Ogdensburg, NY and the international bridge crossing it. We were excited to be leaving the municipality of Leeds Grenville which has possibly the worst and most dangerous section of the Waterfront Trail.  Basically no paved shoulder to ride on and soft sand alongside the road. 

After 5 km we were in Cardinal and stopped at the post office to mail a letter. We had a quick riding tour of the town before finding our way back to the highway. 

Another 10km down the road we stopped in Iroquois for our morning snack and they left town via the Waterfront Trail. 

On the road again and into the wind the final 13km were long, straight and seemed to take forever.  Our legs were tired today and mentally the wind was draining. When we arrived in Morrisburg we knew exactly where to go, having stayed here before. We checked in and then walked over to the plaza to pick up something for lunch. After eating back in our room we walked over to the plaza and picked up something for supper. We also browsed in a few other shops, but we were really looking forward to putting our feet up and resting. 

After supper we did just that. We are looking forward to tomorrow and a slight change in wind direction.


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