Spring 2017 –  Ajax to Quebec City 

Day 9: Rockport to Johnstown 61km 

Tuesday, April 25

Sun then cloud then rain with a NE wind. 11C.

Both of us slept like logs lastnight and were out of bed before 8 o’clock. We went for a short walk to see what the weather was like and despite the sunshine it was cold and windy. For breakfast we made our oatmeal with the aid of the coffee maker and added a square of dark chocolate for some extra energy. 

Our ride started with a short hill heading up to the highway and then we crossed over to the 1,000 Islands Bike way. Again the pedalling was tough riding into the wind and the lake flies/midges/chad flies were out in full force. Rain clouds were slowly approaching from behind so we tried to keep up a good pace.

At Brown’s Bay we stopped for our morning snack and aside from the bugs had the place to ourselves. 

The second half of the morning was a repeat of the first. Pedal into the wind, bugs, repeat.

More bugs.

When we arrived in Brockville it was just before noon so we decided that we would keep going and aim for Prescott. The rain was almost upon us when we popped into the grocery store for more supplies. We also visited the bike shop in Brockville and when we were ready to get going again the rain began. So we applied our appropriate layers for rain, covered our panniers and started riding. On the way out of town we took shelter at Fullford Manor for our second snack.

After that we rode in the rain for an hour until we got to Prescott. This stretch of the highway was lacking a paved shoulders in parts so we were forced to mingle with traffic.  Thankfully it wasn’t that busy. We found the motel and they had No Vacancy. After weighing our options we booked a room online in Johnstown, a few more kilometres along the highway. 

We did our shopping for supper in Prescott and after we filled out bags with food,  made the final push to the motel. The rain had stopped by this point and we found our home for the night after another half hour of riding. From the outside the motel wasn’t much to look at, but the room is quite nice and the proprietor was nice and helpful. 

We ate right away even though it wasn’t yet 5 o’clock and then spent some time cleaning our bike chains. Then we ate again and then puttered and did some chores and then we ate again. Finally we have our feet up and bedtime is fast approaching. 


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