Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City 

Day 8: Kingston to Rockport 51km

Monday,  April 24

Sunny with a steady NE wind. 12C 

The sun was already up when awoke this morning and the view from our fifth floor window was beautiful. We could see the flags across the water flapping all out from the strong breeze and we knew that we’d be struggling into the wind again today.

A short walk around the hotel confirmed both the strength of the breeze and the cool temperature of the the air. While eating our continental breakfast we almost hatched another plan that involved taking the train to Montreal today, but we decided to stick with our original plan which is to ride to Montreal and beyond. So we fueled up as best we could and the got on the road.

We rode east over the causeway bridge out of downtown  Kingston and then up a pretty good hill to the Canadian Forces base. Once we fine tuned our outer ware – ear covers, sweaters and gloves – we put our heads down and pedaled our butts off. After 2 hours of riding we had travelled 30km arriving in Gananoque. 

At the visitor information centre – which was closed today – we were able to sneak in to use the bathroom while some workers were delivering furniture upstairs. We set up our picnic outside in the sun, sheltered from the wind.

After we ate we walked through downtown Gananoque to stretch our legs and then found a grocery store to pick up some things for our supper. Once again we got on our bikes and pushed into the wind.

Not long after we got going again we were swarmed by tiny lake bugs. They were everywhere! Mom was prepared with her bug net and I used my silk swisher as a mask. 

That seemed to work for the most part, but I could feel them crawling by my ears and under my sunglasses. The wind seemed to keep them at bay, but whenever we rode through somewhere sheltered they would appear again in full force. 

We took one final snack break to keep our strength up before the last few kilometres into Rockport. 

There was a nice view overlooking the Saint Lawrence River.

At last we made it to the village of Rockport and checked into our room which is right on the water. We took a quick walking tour and then were back in our room preparing our supper which was another version of yesterday’s salad.

As usual,  after supper we got cleaned up, organized and then put our feet up to rest. Now it’s almost bedtime again.


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