Spring 2017 –  Ajax to Quebec City 

Day 6: Napanee to the Kingston Cottage 46km

Saturday,  April 22

Cloudy with sunny breaks and all over wind. 10C

With a relatively short distance to ride today we decided to sleep in a bit. When we got up around 9 o’clock we took a walk into downtown Napanee to see what we could find. I forgot what a nice looking town it is since last time we were through. 

One thing we didn’t forget was Len’s Bakery. The cookies we bought from there a few years ago were definitely memorable and today we went down memory lane with a baker’s dozen.

After walking back to the motel we slowly organized our belongings and then ate a very light breakfast. We ended up leaving Napanee around 11:30am. We pedaled back downtown along Hwy 2 and out of town up the infamous Napanee hill. What away to get the blood pumping. Thankfully the wind was still at our backs and helped to push us all the way to the top.

The highway had paved shoulders to begin with but unfortunately they didn’t last. The traffic wasn’t too bad but for a Saturday there were still plenty of cars. We stopped alongside the road for a couple of cookies and to stretch hopping back on the bikes. 

Highway 2 took us through Odessa and then we stopped at a gas station to pump up our tires before crossing over the 401 and onto Unity Road.

The last 20km seemed to take forever. I think the wind changed direction and was kissing us in the face again. We kept pedalling and finally reached Elginburg. This was familiar territory for us as the Nye family cottage is nearby. Once we reached Latimer Road we knew we were almost there, but seemed to be slowing as each minute passed. Little hills became mountains and breezes became gales, but finally we made it on to and down the old cottage road.

We were greeted by Charlie who was sunning himself on the deck and Don, puttering in the cottage. 

After getting caught up we had a lovely meal and then a walk to the beach just in time for the sunset.

In the evening we went through our luggage and weeded out any unnecessary items. I came up with at least 10lbs of extra stuff to send home, not including my Pentax SLR (which I’ll still be taking with us).


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