Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City 

Day 4: Coburg to Salem 40km

Thursday, April 20

Cloudy with a slight E wind and some rain. 7C 

Both of us were dreading riding into a brisk wind today and the forecast had the days weather deteriorating into the afternoon.  So we wanted to get going as soon as we could. We each had a pretty big breakfast courtesy of the hotel and then set sail for downtown Coburg.

The wind wasn’t that bad yet and the rain hadn’t started either. We rode east along Hwy 2 and then south to Wicklow Beach where the road continues near the water. 

It was quite cold today but we did run into enough tiny bugs that Mom donned her bug net.

Before we reached Colborne the wind really picked up and slammed us from the east. It also started to rain so we stopped for our rain gear and by the time we had re-dressed we were freezing cold. Arriving in Colborne we went directly to the grocery store to purchase our lunch and supper. We are staying at a B&B tonight but Colborne is the last place to shop for food. After shopping we decided to hold off on eating lunch and keep riding the final few kilometres to our place. 

On the way, a car pulled up alongside of us and the passenger asked if we were going to the Burken B&B. It was our hosts! This was a good sign and both they and their place are very inviting. Once we arrived and were welcomed in we got to our room. Our travel companion Lambie (in pink) even has a couple of new pals to visit with while we are here.

After lunch and before dinner we took a short walk down the road to the bridge that is closed. We were just in time to see the VIA race by to the west.

When we got back we brought our supper supplies down into the kitchen to eat. Ken – one of our hosts – sat with us while we ate and we chatted away for a couple of hours. It got dark outside and soon it would be time for bed.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s ride as the wind is supposed to be from the west and maybe some sunshine too.


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