Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City 

Day: 3 Port Hope to Coburg 19km

Wednesday, April 19

Cloudy with rain off and on with a South wind. 10C
Just as was forecast we awoke to rain this morning and neither of us wanted to get out of bed. After slowly waking up we started to get organized and when next we peeked out the window the it wasn’t raining nearly as much. Eventually we got on the bikes and got going.

The only thing we had with us for breakfast was 2 chocolate ginger cookies and a pear. We were planning on stopping at the grocery store on the way back through Port Hope but changed our route at the last minute and stayed north of the 401 a little longer. We had a nice ride through town along the Ganaraska River and ended up heading out of town on Hwy 2.

We stopped to eat what we had after browsing in a nearly new foodstore. A little further down the road we spotted Betty’s pies and pastries and had to stop to grab a six pack. Lemon, blueberry, butterscotch,  cherry, raspberry delight and Pb+J in case you were wondering.  The thought of eating these kept us focused on pedalling into Coburg. With another headwind today, calories are our last concern.

After almost 2 hours of riding we were all checked in to our room for the day. Both of us were lacking energy in our legs today and I kept reminding myself that only a month ago it was still Winter. Neither of us had really done much riding before this trip.

Last night we ate supper pretty late so today we planned to eat a little earlier than normal and the local grocery store was only a short walk away. We bought chicken, sweet potato and asparagus for dinner and veggies and popcorn for snacks.  We spent the rest of the afternoon resting and puttering and then we tuned in to the Leafs game. 

We have been planning a strategy for tomorrow because the wind does not look favourable for us and it’s supposed to rain in the afternoon. Good thing we still have a couple of tarts left.


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