Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City 

Day 2: Oshawa to Port Hope 61km

Tuesday, April 18

Sunny with a cold SE wind. 12C 

Yesterday our departure was interrupted by a broken spoke on my rear tire so we ended up spending another night in Ajax. Today we got a ride to Oshawa where we left the Waterfront Trail yesterday. It was another sunny day but it was pretty cool. Both of us had gloves on and stopped to cover our ears. There was also a fairly strong headwind coming from the south east. 

We pedaled past the General Motors Canada HQ and then into and through Darlington Provincial Park. Sometimes our route is on a separate trail and sometimes it follows along an existing road. We saw several trains today including this westbound VIA.

Next was the Energy corridor featuring the Ontario East Energy’s modern garbage incinerator. 

Also the Darlington Nuclear power plant which was obscured from our view but didn’t stop us from picnicking in it’s warmth. 

The energy corridor concludes as we pass underneath a seemingly endless array of transmission towers.

The riding was tough today with a relentless headwind. Eventually we made it to Port Darlington where we contemplated stopping for the day. Considering it was just past noon we figured we should keep pushing along. After Bond Head the scenery helped to keep us moving along and a couple of oncoming cyclists enlivened our legs too.

As we wound our way along the north shore of Lake Ontario we kept our strength up with multiple snacks including leftover curry from lastnight.

We dipped and doodled over and under the rail lines slowly making our way east. 
In Wesleyville we stopped to eat our apples on the church steps and Mom mentioned how nice it would be to have some chocolate. Only a moment later she spotted something bright and pink in the grass. Then another one – purple! She ended up rounding up 3 little chocolate Easter eggs. We each had one and shared the third. 

With our spirits renewed and our energy sustained for the moment, we kept riding. After reaching the outskirts of Port Hope we used the Internet to secure a room for the night. Turning north and away from the lake our last obstacle was crossing over the 401.

From there it was a short struggle along Hwy 2 to our motel and we both collapsed in bed when we arrived. A few moments of rest and we were back out the door on our way to the grocery store on foot. It felt great to be using different muscles and the walk enabled us to fantasize about our dinner menu.

It was 7 o’clock when we got back to our room and we got the microwave revved up while we prepared the salad. All of our entrées were tasty and we even had room for dessert. 

In the Evening:

Dishes, hockey, foot cream. Shower, blog, book.


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