Spring 2017 – Ajax to Quebec City

Day 1: Ajax to Oshawa 39km

Monday, April 17

Sunny with a NW wind. 12C

Today was a beautiful day to start our Spring trip to Quebec City. The sun was shining, there was a slight tailwind and it was just the right temperature. After breakfast my Mom and I loaded up our bikes with everything we thought we would need for the journey and then set off towards the Waterfront Trail.

Both of us are quite familiar with this section of the trail so we simply pointed ourselves east and started pedalling.  We saw wild turkeys, two deer and a raccoon while riding through Lynne Shores. Carrying on through to the Whitby Marina we were again presented with a stunning,  sunny view of Lake Ontario.

We had one errand to run that took us north off of our route and that was a short ride to the box store that sells electronics and more specifically special batteries for wireless bicycle odometres. This little adventure had us riding up the gravel shoulder of a busy road and then navigating the notoriously not – bike – friendly parking lots of power centers. However, we are experienced riders and we accomplished our mission. 

Back to the Waterfront Trail.  Shortly after picking up the trail again I stopped after noticing a small clicking sound coming from my bike tire. After closer inspection I discovered a broken spoke on my rear tire. A broken spoke is never a good thing and it is especially bad when your bike is fully loaded for a long road trip. So right away we were thinking of where to get it fixed and the closest bike shop was several kilometres north and a little bit west from where we were. 

I was still able to ride the bike and to get there we took a bike path north that parallels Simcoe Street in Oshawa. The path also goes under highway 401.

Most of this side trip was uphill and into the wind, but we made it there safely. Both of us have dealt with this bike shop before and the people at Impala are very helpful.  However it is early Spring -the busiest time ever at a bike shop – and they are booking service appointments two weeks from now. After negotiating, persuading and pleading we are able to purchase a new rim which I will install myself. Their service techs swapped my cassette onto the new rim and after a few attempts we were back in business. 

It was 4pm at this point and we hadn’t even had lunch yet. Thankfully there was a grocery store across the road so we picked up a few things to add to what we were carrying.  Then we headed around back of the store so we were out of the wind and set up our picnic in the sun.

While we ate lunch we discussed our options moving forward. Our original destination for today was Bomanville. That would be another 30km from where we were and 7km of that would be along already busy streets at rush hour. Or we could find somewhere to stay in Whitby or Oshawa. Or we could call for a ride and go back to Ajax for the night. We weren’t quite ready to call for help yet,  so we rode south in search of a hotel room for the night. 

When we arrived at the Travel Lodge we were less than impressed with their rates and considering we were only a 20 minute car ride from home, we opted for getting rescued. After a phone call my Dad graciously agreed to come and get us and in exchange we promised to make dinner. 

Twenty minutes later he arrived and twenty minutes after that we were back in Ajax where we started from this morning. Tomorrow we will try again.

In the Evening : 

Our chicken curry dinner was delicious. The Leafs won the hockey game. I finished the first blog post of this trip.


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