Pedaling in PEI : Day 13

Friday, September 9

Seacow Pond, PEI to Fredericton, NB by car.
In and around Fredericton 17km

From our motel room we could hear the surf when we awoke, so before breakfast we walked down to the beach.


It was a great way to start our last day on Prince Edward Island.


We ate in our room as we packed up the car and we almost picked up a hitch hiker.


It was another warm and humid morning and because we weren’t in a rush, we drove the scenic route back from Tignish to the bridge. We stopped in Alberton at the bakery and in West Point at the lighthouse.


Making our way towards the Confederation Bridge, we stopped along the way for some photos.


We stopped again by the bridge to have a picnic lunch before finally making our way off of the island.


It was smooth sailing on the highway and we arrived in Fredericton just after 6pm. After being in the car for most of the day we wanted to stretch our legs, so we hopped on the bikes and did a quick circuit on some level here trails downtown.


The weather was warm, but not humid and we rode around until dark.


After the sun went down we made our way back to where we had parked the car and then to the grocery store. Once we had purchased our supper we drove to the hotel where we’d be spending the night.

It made for a long day, but we are glad we got to do some more pedaling, even if it wasn’t in PEI anymore.


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