Pedaling in PEI : Day 10

Tuesday, September 6

Cavendish to Kensington 25km

The weather forecast cast called for heat and humidity today so we figured that today’s ride might be a short one. Vicki and I rode into town to get coffee at the Tim’s, but found it closed for the season. We also found some fun sculptures like this bear made from strips of nails…


…And a giant transformer.


After having breakfast in our room we checked out and rode down to Cavendish Beach where we spent an hour or so combing.


It was cloudy and even a little cool, but whenever the sun peeked out you could feel the air almost boiling.

Once we left the beach for the highway the temperature got a lot warmer and the humidity was thick like a blanket. To make matters worse our short route today consisted of one hill after another. The hills were steep and short, providing some spectacular views of the countryside.


Around the halfway point we pulled off of the road to catch our breath beside this expansive potato field.


We arrived in Kensington completely drained and drenched in sweat and recovered in the Island Stone Pub. After some lunch and some water we found a place to stay and set up a rendezvous with my brother Chris and his wife Karon who are also visiting PEI.

We all met at the Victoria Inn where we are spending the night and put together a great grocery store supper in our room.


Everybody ate too much and we swapped stories of our recent adventures on the island. It made for a fairly late night by our standards, but it was totally worth it. They left on their motorcycle and rode back to their campsite, and we all got ready for bed.

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. It’s like somebody bottled up Ontario weather and uncorked it in PEI.


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