Pedaling in PEI : Day 9

Monday, September 5.

Charlottetown to Cavendish : 70km

Sunny, sunny, sunny with a SW wind. 26C

Although it was a holiday today, Vicki found a place for us to get coffee called the Kettle Black.

Walking back to the hotel we spotted this inspiring piece of art.

By the time we got back to the hotel we had missed the hot breakfast, but we were still pretty full from our dinner last night.

Once we were packed up with the bikes loaded we rode north out of Charlottetown to PEI National Park where there is a paved trail beside the road and right by the sand dunes and Gulf of St Lawrence. We crossed a bridge over Covehead Bay while the tide was going out.

We stopped at Brackley Beach for a late lunch and then took a walk on the beach for dessert. It was quite a scene at the beach with people everywhere.

It was hot already and it was getting hotter so we had to keep moving. The next stretch of highway was incredibly busy and although it was very scenic it was hard to fully appreciate it. Once we got to the park in Cavendish there was another paved trail to ride along.

We kept pedaling away and snacking to keep our strength up.

When we reached the end of the park the end was in sight. Just around the bend was our cottage for the night. Once we checked in we went out for dinner. It was only a 2km walk each way, but we could use the exercise. Our meal was excellent again and the restaurant – Chez Yvonne – was bustling.

Back in our room we had our usual evening chores and activities.

See you on Tuesday.


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