Pedaling in PEI : Day 6

Friday, September 2.

Souris West to Montague : 50km


Another cloudy, sunny, wet, dry day. It was almost 10:30 by the time we left the motel and our first several kilometers were into the wind and it was a strong NE wind.

Thankfully when we reached the hwy we turned west on 2 and then eventually southwest on 4. Cutting across the island provided some scenery other than ocean views.


As the weather changed, we stopped to change too. Layers on, layers off. Raincoats, sunglasses, this island weather really keeps you on your toes.


We turned off of the main hwy towards Cardigan and found our way to the welcome centre. After chatting there, we walked across the road to visit the country’s smallest library.


After that we thought it would be a great idea to get some hot soup, but the restaurant there wasn’t open yet.

So we found our way to the rail trail and stopped at the first picnic table we came to. The rain had stopped, but the wind was blowing. After lunch we only had 12km to go. We put our heads down and pedalled with the exception of a stop or two to change clothes. That’s when I took a photo of one of the many mushrooms along the trail.


Once we arrived in Montague we found the Riverside Inn where we are staying in a little cottage with a nice view.


The grocery store is located nearby and so is a bakery, so we were back on the bikes again.


After some shopping and chatting with locals we were back at our cottage and preparing our supper.

After dinner we were happy to put our feet up with the baseball game on. Popcorn and raisin bread were to follow.



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