Pedaling in PEI : Day 5

Thursday, September 1

Campbell’s Cove to Souris West: 50km


After our cozy night in the cabin we awoke to rain. Rain is not the best motivator to get out of bed, or to get on a bike. Eventually we got our stuff together, ate our cereal and then did the dishes. We all enjoyed our stay here one way or another.


We continued riding on the road today and our route had us going around North Lake and then to North Lake Harbour. This is where we had been hoping to stay the night before. At the cafe there we bought a few snacks and chatted with the proprietor who showed us around her place. This is where the world’s record for largest bluefin tuna was caught.


Next stop for us was the East Point Lighthouse. Here the tides of the Northumberland Straight and the Gulf of St Lawrence meet. We hung out for awhile and looked around in the gift shop.


After East Point we started heading in a westerly direction.


The wind seemed to shift and was helping to push us along. That was nice, but we also encountered some our first real hills.


At Elliot’s General Store we bought apples for a quick snack and had a nice chat too. Before long we were turning off of the hwy headed for Basin Head. It is the mouth of a tidal basin where locals and tourists alike jump from the bridge into the water.


We ate lunch there and then strolled on the beach before continuing on. Here we really noticed the changes in temperature today. When the sun peeked out it was hot and humid. When the sun went behind clouds it felt cold and we were reaching for jackets.

Our final few kilometers had some of the biggest hills we’ve seen so far. Having depleted our pantry on wheels, we were motivated to get to a real grocery store to stock up again. We found it in Souris, and a liquor store too. We could hardly fit everything in our bags, but somehow we managed. Thankfully our home for the night was just across the causeway in Souris West.

After calling ahead to the motel we found out that they had a Bbq we could use. That was a major factor in our meal planning at the store. Steak, scallops, sweet potato…

Once we started cooking the BBQ didn’t seem very hot, although there was a bit of a wind. 20 minutes went by, 30 minutes and then we put the steak on. There wasn’t a sound. Not even a hint of a sizzle. After some door knocking and a phone call we had a fresh tank of propane delivered. After eating our salad while we waited, finally we had some heat to finish what we started.


After dinner we made a plan for the next few days. Shower, blog, thunderstorms, bedtime.


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