Pedaling in PEI : Day 4

Wednesday, August 31.

Cable Head to Campbell’s Cove: 48km

During our tasty breakfast at the B&B we chatted with a couple from Vancouver and our hostess Liz.

Once we loaded up the bikes we rode a few kilometers and down the hill into St Peters. At the gas station we picked up some food items to add to our mobile pantry.

We picked up the trail where we left off at the tourist office and headed east. There were a few other riders setting off at the same time and we traded places with them several times along our route. After 20km of riding we stopped for lunch at a picnic table in the shade.

After lunch we kept on pedaling. When we intersected Baltic Road we had a choice to make. Carry on along the trail to Elmira and then back track on the road to our campaigns, or take Baltic Road up to hwy 16 and then to the campground. We chose the shorter of the two and went directly to Campbell’s Cove.

After initially dreading sleeping in a shed, we were delighted by our destination for the night.

The campground has quirky signs everywhere, basically instructing you to have fun and enjoy. Not to mention we have an ocean view…

…and are steps from the beach.

After a nice walk along the cove it was time for our picnic supper. We gathered up all the food we had been carrying and walked over to laundry/kitchen shelter to prepare our supper. No one else was supping there so we made ourselves at home. After we ate we walked on the beach again and after a little rain and the sunset we headed back to our shed.

It is quite cozy in here with the three of us, but we are also looking forward to moving on in the morning.


One thought on “Pedaling in PEI : Day 4

  1. I love the St. Peter’s area! You forgot to visit Greenwich, the section of the National Park with the high dunes! Maybe you can go afterwards by car. Did you swim in the ocean?
    Susan (Wendy’s gym/yoga buddy)

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