June in Ontario 2016

Day 14: Simcoe to Port Dover to Simcoe to Brantford 70km
Monday, June 20.
Sunny and super hot with a blustery SW wind.

We thought today would be sort of like a day off because of the short distance from Simcoe to Brantford, so we decided to pedal to Port Dover and back before lunch. We actually miscalculated the distance from Simcoe to Brantford and ended up having a pretty long day after all.

There was a choice of trails on the way down to Port Dover and we took the shady forest route.


No bike trip would be complete without a little hiking.


It was only 12km to Port Dover and we ate our breakfast there. Then we rode back up to Simcoe and carried on towards Brantford. We saw a great example of a helpful sign along the trail.


We ate lunch at a shady bench just outside Waterford.


The entire trail was in really good shape and we had quite a bit of shade while we were riding. It helped that we had the wind at our backs to push us along.

As I mentioned, Brantford was further than we thought. At this point in the day we were wondering when we would arrive.


And then we made it. I had an incorrect address for our our hotel so we rode around in a big loop for awhile, but finally we got headed in the right direction. It was sort of like a sight-seeing tour of the city. By the time we reached our destination we were melting. After we checked in we walked to the nearby grocery store for some food and then back to our room where we indulged in air conditioning.



One thought on “June in Ontario 2016

  1. Today should be better..not such blistering heat. Hope you took a dip in the lake at Port Dover yesterday. You know I would have 🙂

    Carry on 🙂

    Hugs, Glor

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