June in Ontario 2016

Day 13: Springford to Simcoe 35km
Sunday, June 19.
Sunny and smokin’ hot with a light SW wind. 31C

Finally we had a shorter ride planned for today which was a good thing because it was already warm when we got up this morning. We Started off riding east to Otterville on our way to Delhi.


We found our way to Delhi by road before picking up the rail trail to Simcoe. It was a nice change from the hwy and we had the luxury of some shade along the way.


This trail took us right into Simcoe and we arrived just after noon.


We were too early to check in at the hotel so we left our luggage and bikes there and walked across town to the Superstore. Wandering around in the air conditioning was a perfect way to beat the heat, kill some time and procure our lunch and supper.

We made our way back to the hotel and checked in. Then we had lunch in our room. Then we went swimming.


It was nice to be lazing around for a change and before long it was time for supper. After we ate we made some plans for the next few days of the trip. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot again so we won’t be going to far.


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