June in Ontario 2016

Day 11: Erieau to Port Stanley 90km
Friday, June 17.
Sunny with a brisk E wind. 29C

After the humidity yesterday, even our dry clothes were damp this morning. We didn’t have much for breakfast – a few strawberries and cereal – so we were on our way by 8am. 


Today was going to be our toughest and longest ride of the whole trip. The wind was strong from the east again, precisely the direction we are headed.


Rondeau Bay was shimmering in the morning sun.


The majority of our route today was along hwy 3. We could see the lake at several points along the way, but other than that it was a straight line. The tracking wasn’t too bad, but there were no shoulders to ride on. Lots of fields, corn, soy beans and tomatoes. Every now and then we passed a fruit stand and we stopped at a few for strawberries and some veggies.


Thankfully we were still carrying some food from yesterday as there were no stores to shop at. We stopped every 10km or so and bit by bit we inched across our map.

By 4pm we reached the Blue Bird B&B. We were exhausted from riding, but excited to be finished.


We have a lovely cottage to ourselves and the fixings for a light supper. The place even comes with a friendly dog to hang out with.


Wish I could encapsulate more of the day, but I’m finally running out of steam.  I’d like to read my book for more than a page or two…


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