June in Ontario 2016

Day 9: Windsor to Leamington 80km
Wednesday, June 15.
Cloudy then clear with a cooling but clawing E wind. 28C

A light rain had started to fall while we were having breakfast at the hotel so we packed everything in plastic. By the time we got outside with the bikes, the rain had stopped. There is a paved trail following along the Detroit River and we followed it down stream through the Windsor Sculpture Park.


Of course the lovely trail came to an end and after a few blocks and an industrial park we were stalled by construction. We found our way through, but then had to ride on hwy 20 which was pretty busy. We stopped and had a roadside breakfast in La Salle and then after another hour of pedaling, had a picnic lunch in Amherstburg.


We had some hungry friends drop in to say hi..


After lunch we were back on the road. The traffic seemed to be getting busier as we headed south, so we decided to turn east and make our way to the Chrysler Canada Greenway.


The wind was making things even more challenging and then we came across gravel roads too. We persevered and eventually intersected the rail trail. It has a decent riding surface and the canopy of trees provided shade from the sun and a break from the wind.


This was just what we needed to keep going. We snacked along the way as we passed through Harrow and Kingsville. The grocery store was just across the street in Kingsville so we stopped to pickup the rest of our supper. Back on the trail to Ruthven and then the final few kilometers on hwy 34 to the motel in Leamington.


We were wiped and took a few minutes to settle in before we got our supper ready. The thought of our supper was the only thing keeping us going in the final few kilometers.


It was just what we needed. We also were upgraded to a bigger, nicer room because the proprietor was so impressed with our journey. Time to get cleaned up and organized for tomorrow.


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