June in Ontario 2016

Day 8: Chatham to Windsor 83km
Tuesday, June 14
Sunny with stray clouds and an encouraging E wind. 25C

When we left the hotel in Chatham we found our way to River View Line which follows along the Thames River. It is a fairly quiet road that is part of La Route de la Tecumseh.


There appeared to be some art,


…installed along the way.


We stopped for a break in the shade after our first 20km, just in time to see the train go past.


Finally we had a chance to relax by Lake St Clair. This is where we had our second breakfast although it was almost lunch time.


Our ride today was quite varied. We rode on quiet residential streets and busier country highways. In Tecumseh – a suburb of Windsor – we stopped at a fruit stand for strawberries and a few other things.


Once we arrived in Windsor proper, we made our way to the motel we intended on staying at. No one was there and a sign in the window claimed there were no vacancies. This prompted us to book something else on line and now we were heading downtown. We stopped at a grocery store along the way and then found our way across the city again. Our hotel is right on the Detroit River and we have a great view.


In our room we quickly prepped a small salad for our late lunch at 5pm. Then we walked to a nearby grocery store for what we were really looking for, a bbq chicken. Back in the room we prepared our real supper and then proceeded to devour it. We watched the world outside our window including four synchronized (surveillance ?) drones circling overhead. I was only joking when I mentioned people sneaking across the river…


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