June in Ontario 2016

Day 7: Wallaceburg to Chatham 46km
Monday, June 13
Partly cloudy with a light N wind. 22C

Today started with a prolonged breakfast of problem solving. Don and Duncan are trying to figure out how to get back to Ajax. Train, plane, bus or car? To make a long story short, their best option was to rent a car in Chatham. While this was being sorted out, I had some painting related business to take care of by email. So it was 10 o’clock by the time we were on the road.

We took the quieter route 30 to Chatham which was paved for part of the way. The ride was through farm country and twice we pulled over to let farm tractors pass us.

With a north wind helping us along we were able to keep up a pretty good pace. We found a safe route into Chatham on a combination of streets with bike lanes and then found a shady park for our lunch break.

The car rental place was just around the corner and it wasn’t long before Dad and Duncan had their bikes loaded in the back of the vehicle. We said our goodbyes and then set off in search of the bike shop – Smith Cycle.

Too bad the shop was closed today, but while we were loitering in front of the shop a man appeared and asked if he could help. I didn’t realize he worked at the bike shop and was going to ask him about a grocery store. So he sold us the spare tube for my bike and had a chance to show off the custom paint job he did on a customer’s bike.

Mom and I found the grocery store we had seen earlier and have now done a complete lap of central Chatham. After shopping we picked our way south through town and then west out hwy 2 to find our place for the night.

Tomorrow we will go with the wind and as far as we can tell, that means heading towards Windsor.


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