June in Ontario 2016

Day 6: Sarnia to Wallaceburg 67km
Sunday, June 12
Sunny with a strong N wind. 23C

The temperature cooled off overnight and we awoke to a beautiful day. Mom and I rode to the grocery store for more cereal while Dad and Duncan had breakfast at Tim’s.

We checked out and rode west through town until we reached the St. Clair River. The wind was blowing hard, but it was coming from the north and we were headed south. Finally a day with a serious tailwind. I was hoping to illustrate how strong the wind was in this photo, but the wind seems to be a little camera shy.

We followed a paved trail along the river and then skirted around the refinery.

After finding our way around the massive refinery site the paved trail carried on. It was so nice to just coast along with the wind.

We stopped for our morning snack and watched the boats go up and down the river. All of us were intrigued by the blueness of the water.

When we got hungry for lunch we bought a few things to complete our picnic lunch. Again we stopped by the river to eat and it was so windy we had to hold everything down. After lunch Dad did a little wash.

After more than 40km following the river our route finally turned eastward towards Wallaceburg. Our tailwind was now a crosswind and we realized how spoiled we had been today. Just before we reached Wallaceburg there was a strawberry farm so we stopped and bought some for later. Not long after that we arrived in town and found our amenities and accommodations. We caught the end of the baseball game and relaxed for awhile. Then it was off to the laundromat.

While we were waiting for our wash to be done we planned for supper. After the laundry went into the dryer Dad and I went to the grocery store. This is when I discovered that my rear tire was flat.

We shopped and stopped at the gas station to fill up my tire. It seemed to hold air. Picked up the dry clothes and rode back to the hotel.

Supper consisted of a nice fruit salad and pizza which we had delivered. We are all hunkered down now for the hockey game and the hotel is full of other cyclists.


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