June in Ontario 2016

Day 5: Port Frank to Sarnia 54km
Saturday, June 11
Mostly sunny, hot and humid with a strong W wind. 32C

The overnight storm that was forecast missed us some how and we saw the sunrise from bed. The plan today was to ride 10km before eating breakfast and then to stop at the grocery store at Kettle Point.


There was also a coffee shop across the street so we were in good shape. We ate breakfast in the shade under the sign and got to chat with a curious local and a passing cyclist.

The heat today was intense, especially considering that the temperature three days ago was only 10C. We stopped a lot. To rest. To drink water. By ourselves…


…And in groups.


After getting separated, we got in touch by phone and made a plan to rendezvous. The Plympton-Wyoming firehall was having a celebratory bbq to show off the new fire truck. Mom got inside to check it out.


The food was good and it was perfect timing for our lunch. We got chatting with a local who told us where to catch the Howard Watson Nature Trail. Unfortunately I misread the map and took us on a detour around a big country block on loose gravel before we intersected the trail. Once we got going, it was in great shape with a fresh surface of crushed gravel. We weren’t phased when we saw the “Trail Closed” sign.


The sign was lying the first time, but the second time we saw it, we should have listened. After that point the fresh gravel surface hadn’t been applied yet and riding on the soft, sandy dirt was like riding through chocolate quick powder. We thought we’d seen it all.

We eventually made it to our crossroad and headed south by road. There was a bicycle shop right there so we stopped in to take a look. The air conditioning inside was delightful however, stepping back outside was like walking into an inferno. Back on the bikes and pedaling south and up and over the 402 hwy.


Finally we arrived at our motel and checked in with little difficulty.


After cooling off, cleaning up and relaxing it was time for dinner. None of us wanted to go very far because of the heat and the nearest grocery store was far. So we decided to walk to a nearby restaurant and settled on one called Big Fish. It was quite a treat, but like Dad said “It’s Saturday night”.


Restaurants: 5 – Picnics: 3


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