June in Ontario 2016

Day 4: Exeter to Port Frank 57km
Friday, June 10
Sunny with a slight SE wind. 23C

Dad and Duncan ate breakfast at a local restaurant this morning while Mom and I picked up some cereal to use up our leftover yogurt. All of us were fueled up after that and we headed west out of Exeter.



Finally today we had the wind at our backs. It wasn’t much but it helped and I think that most of our ride today was also downhill.


Sunscreen was a must today and we stopped several times to reapply during our roadside breaks. Within a couple of hours we had arrived in Grand Bend.


We took a look around the town before stopping for a picnic lunch. Most of what we ate was left over from yesterday’s dinner.


Leaving Grand Bend we wanted to ride as little as possible on hwy 21 which was busy with narrow shoulders to ride on. So we meandered our way through a residential area until the road came to an end and then Duncan spotted a trail leading into the woods. It was headed in our direction so we took it.


Eventually we arrived back at hwy 21, but now there was a paved trail running alongside it. We followed along all the way to the Pinery Provincial Park. From there we hooked on to Goosemarsh Rd and were almost at our motel. After one last short stint on the hwy, we had arrived.


We checked in and then took a short ride around Port Frank to see the water and what the place had to offer. There wasn’t much in terms of groceries, but we did find a fruit stand.

The restaurant at the motel was excellent – called Veslo – and all of us had schnitzel. Now we are having desserts in our room and watching the baseball game.


Tomorrow there is talk of rain and thunder storms. Only time will tell.


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