June in Ontario 2016

Day 2: Elmira to Stratford 58km
Wednesday, June 8
Mostly cloudy with a strong NW wind. 10C

All of us met downstairs for breakfast at 8:30am and enjoyed a delicious spread including; blueberry pancakes, poached eggs, sausage and fresh fruit. It was 10 o’clock by the time we were ready to leave. The proprietor took a pretty good picture of the group.


After riding a few kilometers through Elmira, we joined the Kissing Bridge Trail and headed for Millbank. The trail was in good shape for the most part.


Later on it was in rough shape. Fresh sand, soft grass and what I call popcorn stones. At one point Duncan took the road to see if that was any easier to ride on.

Eventually we arrived in Millbank and attempted to go to Anna Mae’s for lunch. They were open, but renovating and busy. There was a line up of people and a forty minute wait for service. We decided to try a picnic lunch although the cold and windy weather was not ideal. With cheese from the Millbank Cheese Factory and a few other bits from the Zehrs shop we rounded out our picnic and took it to the park.


After lunch, Glor and Yvonne had had enough and called for backup. We would meet them in Stratford for dinner.

The rest of us slogged the final 28km down hwy 121/119 with the wind pushing us around from the side. We tried to stay on our slim piece of paved real estate while watching our mirrors for trucks. We have pedaled in worse conditions, but the combination of factors today was tiring.

Once in Stratford we found our motel and then John, Yvonne and Glor Found us. We ate dinner out, swapping stories with John of our days adventures. Then they were on their way and we were off to the motel.

In case anyone is keeping score it is Restaurants 2 – Picnics 1.


One thought on “June in Ontario 2016

  1. Thx for a fun day and a half Jamie (and the rest of the group). Glor and I are now both at our homes. May the wind be with you tomorrow. I’ll be checking your posts as you continue. Yvonne

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