June in Ontario 2016

Day 1: Kitchener to Elmira 25km
Tuesday, June 7
Mostly cloudy skies a strong west wind. 16C


So the bikes and baggage for four of s have been at my place over the weekend. Today, Don, Wendy and Duncan arrived in Kitchener by train. After walking to my apartment on Ontario Street we were set to be organized.


Once we were ready to ride we picked up the Iron Horse Trail at the edge of Victoria Park. It was a short ride to Glasgow Street where we were to meet up with Glor and Yvonne. They were right on time.


The six of us continued along the Iron Hrse into uptown Waterloo and then we were discombobulated by construction. No surprise. I know a pretty good route, but it does involve a portage  over some train tracks.


We rode through Waterloo Park and the University of Waterloo before we had to ride on the road. For the most part there were bike lanes which is always nice. In St Jacobs the Trans Canada Trail moves from the road to a gravel trail again and we followed it into town. There were some nice views of the Conestogo River.

After crossing it on the low bridge we ended up on Three Bridges Road. The dirt road wound its way closer to Elmira.


Soon after, we found our home for the night at the Leisure Estates B&B. It is set amidst a beautiful wood lot and there is lots of room floor all six of us.

For dinner we rode along a trail through the woods and the fields into town where we found the Crossroads restaurant. The all you can eat buffet kept us busy until closing time. Surprisingly we could still ride back to our place.


It was nice to see the sun out again, but the temperature is cooling off. Stay tuned for more adventure…


3 thoughts on “June in Ontario 2016

  1. Brings back memories. My partner and I cycled from Toronto to Elmira…actually Miverton. We stayed with Mennonite friends. I also enjoyed the Apple Butter Festival in the area in Sept. Highly recommended. There is also the sale of Mennonite quilts. Pure apple butter doesn’t have sugar. I grew up K-W.

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