Summer 2015: Heading Home

Day 27: Levis, Quebec to Cornwall, Ontario (by car).
Tuesday, September 15.
Sunny. 25C.

From Levis we drove to Trois Riviere this morning. We decided to search on Kijiji for the kayak that Mom was looking for and it turns out that there was one for sale in Saint Thomas du Caxton – only 30km away. So we sent off an email and drove out to the sellers house which was also for sale. While we were waiting to be contacted we drove to Shawinigan for lunch and to buy rope and supplies in case we ended up getting the kayak. We also stopped in Canadian Tire to look at the kayaks there and they had the exact model we were looking for. It was also on sale.


We named the kayak the Shawinigan Shark. We haven’t heard back from our Kijiji seller.

It was getting on in the afternoon and we still had a stop we wanted to make in Terrebonne. This is where Marinoni Cycles is – where my bike frame was made. We arrived there just before closing time at 5pm. There is a small retail section and we got a quick tour of the paint room and where the frames are made.


The guy who showed us around looked at my bike, found the serial number, and was able to produce what is essentially the birth certificate for my bike – a hand drawn diagram with notes and measurements – circa 1986.

After our visit at Marinoni we found our way around Montréal during rush-hour. We crossed back into Ontario at Hawkesbury and continued on to Cornwall for the night.



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