Summer 2015: Heading Home – The Bakery Route

Day 26: Sainte Flavie to Levis, Quebec (by car).
Monday, September 14.
Lots of rain. 14C.

We had big plans to visit all of our favourite bakeries along the south shore of the Saint Lawrence today. What we didn’t take into account was that it was Monday.

The Basques Fromagerie in Trois-Pistoles was open – they are open 24 hours – but we didn’t buy any bread there because we were planning on visiting 3 or 4 boulangeries along the way. We did buy cheese and smoked fish.

Next stop “Bis a Boulange” in Riviere du Loup – closed.

Bakery in Kamouraska – closed.

Bakery in Des Aulnaies – open, but no bread. Only cookies and cake. They have their own mill where they make the flour.


“Boulangerie Gosselin” in L’Islet – closed.

We renamed our bakery tour the low calorie bakery tour.

It rained all day and it was a treat in itself to sit in a car all day and watch the world go by. We took turns driving each time we stopped and that made things a little more interesting.

After a quick stop at the grocery store in Levis we were back in our room for supper. No bread though.


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