Summer 2015: Cape Breton Finale

Day 24: Port Hood to Port Hastings 46km.
Onto Sackville, New Brunswick (by car) .
Saturday, September 12.
Cloudy with rain. 19C.

Rain moved in overnight and it was still raining when we woke up today. With only 46km to ride today until we arrived back at the car we decided not to wait around. From the motel, the trail is only 400m, but it entails riding down and get up a fairly steep dirt road.


The Trail was still in pretty good shape, but we got covered in wet sand trying to navigate around all of the puddles.


When we stopped for a break along the trail we got ambushed by mosquitoes that were hungrier than us. They chased us back on the bikes and we attempted another continental break at Michael’s Landing.


Despite all of the clouds and rain today, the landscape here is utterly inspiring. When the coastline came into view we knew we were close to being done.


The final 6km back to the car were on highway 19 and it was smooth and predominantly downhill. We rode through the roundabout and then “Kia” was in sight.


We both were relieved to be back at the car. It was still raining as we loaded the bikes and all of our wet gear. We headed into the tourist office with a set of dry clothes and changed in the bathroom.

In total we pedaled 566km around Cape Breton including the Ceilidh Trail and the Cabot Trail. It has been a memorable ride, one that will be etched into our minds forever.


Now we will make our way back to Ontario, but we still have a few stops t make along the way.


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