Summer 2015: The Cabot Trail

Day 22: Baddeck Bay to Margaree Forks 60km
Thursday, September 10.
Cloudy and humid. SW wind. 23C.

After chatting away the morning at the B&B with folks from Texas, Hawaii and the Scottish proprietors, our tasty breakfast of scones and apple strudel was all used up. When we finally hit the road we were riding into the wind and our legs felt lifeless. It was warm and humid and our chains were squeaky. At least it wasn’t raining.
We followed along Baddeck Bay into the town of Baddeck.


Once we reached the town centre we picked up some chain oil and then some groceries from the CO-OP.


Leaving Baddeck we traveled  on the Trans-Canada 105 highway. It was loud and moderately busy, but with wide, paved shoulders.


After about 10km we were back on the Cabot Trail and heading north with the wind at our backs. The road went up as we were climbing Hunters Mountain.


From what we had climbed in the past few days, Hunters Mountain was manageable. The nice thing about this climb was that the majority of the rest of our ride would be generally down hill through the Margaree Valley. We stopped for lunch in a large clearing before black flies chased us back on the bikes. We took another break at a park by Lake O’Law.


At the Dancing Goat bakery we bought more oat cakes and maple shortbread cookies. That inspired us to keep on pushing. Margaree Forks was another 8km and with a few more hills. Finally we raced down one last hill and then the motel was in sight. Of course the motel is situated at the top of a hill and a steep driveway leaves us huffing and puffing when we check in. There is however a great view and looks like the sun will come out again.


The CO-OP grocery store is a short walk away and we spoil ourselves with super-sized salad and soup with dessert after each course. We finally have a TV at our disposal, but the only channel we get is CNN…


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