Summer 2015: The Cabot Trail

Day 18: Whale Cove to Cheticamp 57km.
Sunday, September 6.
Sunny and warm. 25C.


It only took us 30km to reach Cheticamp today, but as we have been known to do, we did some extracurricular activities upon our arrival.

We didn’t have much for breakfast this morning before we pedalled the 4km into Margaree Harbour. There wasn’t much on offer at the gas station there although we did buy some water. The water in Whale Cove was a little rusty tasting. Leaving Margaree Harbour we saw an official sign for the Cabot Trail.


There was a nice tailwind to start today, but there weren’t any paved shoulders for the first little while. The hills were gentle and rolling with incredible views around every corner.


There was some traffic on the highway, but there weren’t any big trucks. There were some  opportunities to take a few pictures.


Once we reached Cap Le Moine a paved shoulder appeared. That made all the difference. We stopped at the grocery store in Grand Etang but it wasn’t open yet. We caught our breath and then carried on.

Our route today was very picturesque and at times seemed like a tourism brochure.


We arrived in Cheticamp just before noon and of course our motel room wasn’t ready yet. We were able to leave our luggage there which was nice and then we took a ride through the town. That is when we had a minor crisis.

The grocery store in Cheticamp was closed! We scoured the town, checking out every corner store to see what we could come up with for our lunch and supper. We did alright and had lunch by the wharf.


After lunch we rode back through town and across to Cheticamp Island. Then we rode to the end of the island to see the lighthouse. Most of the island is a cow pasture so we had a bit of an audience. 


And there was heavy traffic on the way back.


It was hot out in the sun and by the time we got back to the motel we had ridden another 27km. We settled down in our room and enjoyed our version of a three course meal. Our room is right on the water and we were spoiled with another sunset from bed.


Tomorrow we will face our first big climb. Stay tuned to see how that goes.


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