Summer 2015: Cape Breton – The Ceilidh Trail

Day 17: Port Hood to Whale Cove 76km
Saturday, September 5.
Sunny with clouds. South west wind. 21C.

We made our oatmeal with water from the coffee maker and ate in our room. We were awake fairly early thanks to our neighbors “The Klompers”.

The trail was in excellent condition again. Hard packed, crushed gravel made for smooth riding. The trail has changed names several times too; The Ceilidh Trail, Coastal Shores Celtic Trail, The Judique Flyer Trail, The Mabou River Trail and the Inverness Shean Trail. It is very well signed and stretches 90km from Port Hastings to Inverness.

We passed some people walking on the trail today coming into Mabou.


After another quick snack we were able to end up in Inverness for a picnic lunch. Since the rail trail was over now, we’d be on the road from here on out. Inverness was absolutely jammed with people and cars today and we wouldn’t find out why until later in the day.

So we left Inverness on highway 19 and lines of cars were streaming into town. Only a few cars were leaving town, but with no paved shoulders it made for close quarters. I took this photo during a break in the traffic.


After 10km of hair-raising riding we made our turn onto the much quieter 219. We stopped for a snack at this spot commemorating MacDonald settlers from 1808.


Further up the road we took another quick break in someone’s driveway and they came home. We got chatting and inquired about what was happening in Inverness. He told us about “Chase the Ace” which is some sort of fundraising lottery that has gone unclaimed for almost a year. The jackpot is nearly half a million dollars and just about everybody in Nova Scotia is en route to hope to have a chance at picking the ace of spades.

Anyways, about 5km further down the road we arrived at the Whale Cove cottages. Finally. We settled in, then walked across the road to explore the beach, the bluffs and the cemetery.


From the top of the bluffs we had a nice view of the cottages where we are staying. We are in number eleven, far right in the back row.


We had a hot supper courtesy of our stove top and microwave and we ate pretty much all of the food we were carrying.


After supper, another sunset. We are both tired and looking forward to a shorter ride tomorrow.



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