Summer 2015: Cape Breton: The Ceilidh Trail

Day 16: Port Hastings to Port Hood 46km
Friday, September 4.
Sunny with a north west wind. 23C.


It felt good to be back on the bikes today despite a surprise flat tire and a strong north wind.

After breakfast at the B&B we dropped off the car near the tourist office and the start of the trail in Port Hastings. A fellow guest – Juan the Argentinian from Boston – stopped by to see us off.


Just when we thought we were ready I noticed that Mom’s rear tire was flat. We pumped it up again and it seemed to hold. The first 6km of the trail have been sea swept and a sign we read yesterday warned that that section of the trail is in “hike a bike” condition. So instead, we rode on highway 19 to Troy Station and then rejoined the trail there. Not long after we got going we encountered this..


At first I thought it was a moose chasing an ATV, but I guess they were just walking their horse. After 20km we stopped for a break.


After another 10km or so we stopped for lunch on a bench at Marysville Station.


The wind wasn’t letting up at all so when we arrived in Port Hood after another 16km we decided to call it a day. We checked in at the Hebridean Motel and walked over to the CO-OP to shop for our supper. We dropped off our groceries and then walked down to the beach.


The water was cool, but it felt nice walking in the sand and Henry Island can be seen in the distance. After a long walk on the beach we found the boardwalk and walked it’s length and back.


We were pretty hungry now and it was almost 7pm by the time we got back to our room. We could watch the sunset right from our room…


After we ate we had some time to putter with the bikes and we’ll be ready to roll first thing tomorrow.


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