Summer 2015: Cape Breton: The Ceilidh Trail

Day 15: Lower Five Islands to Cape Breton by car.
Thursday, September 3.
Cloudy then sun. North wind. 20C.

I was first up this morning if you can believe that and took a walk down the bank to take in the view one last time.


We were keen to help where we could  with closing down the cottage and we packed up our things too. After saying our goodbyes we hit the road. Just before crossing the Strait of Canso we topped up on gas and then we drove across the causeway onto Cape Breton Island.

On the other side in Port Hastings we stopped at the tourist information centre, but not before a busload of full bladdered tourists. They stormed the office just before we got to the doors. Eventually we got the maps and advice that we needed and we were off to next stop. Lunch.

After finding the grocery store we drove to an access point for the Ceilidh Trail. We brought out our cooler and snacks and headed for the picnic table. Mom saw a cyclist coming our way and decided to ask him a few questions. Turns out he is – Michael Haynes – author of several books on hiking and biking trails. We picked his brain about the Cabot Trail and swapped a few stories. It was very reassuring having had the chance for talk to him.


After lunch we lucked out finding a place to stay. It is a nice B&B close by to the Ceilidh Trail. We have a great view of the Strait and Ghost Beach.


We are both challenging ourselves to pack as light as possible for this trip. We spent the remainder of the afternoon organizing our things and deciding what not to bring. Tomorrow morning can’t come soon enough.



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