Summer 2015: The Family Route

Day 14: In Lower Five Islands
Wednesday, September 2
Sunny, windy. 21C.

Today was the day we were going to walk over to Moose Island from Five Islands Park at low tide. We got a late start and then missed our turn and drove way past the park. Soon we found our way and got started.


Bill and Liz had rubber boots for us to use and we took some water and a snack. Even though the tide was low we still had to wade through the channel.


Everything was farther than it seemed and we had to be sure to leave enough time to get back before the tide came in again. We took a photo of us on Moose Island with the Nye cottage in the background. Apparently Bill spotted us out there with his telescope.


After our snack we started heading back and we made it safely to shore.


Once we were back on the mainland we took a little more time poking around. They call this pointy rock formation “Old Wife”. Moose Island – the first of the Five Islands – can be seen in behind.


Once we were back at the car we headed east through Economy in search of “That Dutchman’s Cheese Factory”. We found it.


I was in charge of supper tonight so we didn’t want to be too late getting back. Since Bill and Liz are shutting down their cottage now for the season I tried to use as much stuff as I could from the pantry and fridge. Everyone seemed to enjoy the creation and there was still some of Liz’s blueberry pie left for dessert. After we ate the sun was just laying down here for the night.


Tomorrow we are all leaving. Bill and Liz are heading home to the west and Mom and I are heading east to Cape Breton.


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