Summer 2015: The Family Route

Day 13: In and around the Minas Basin 26km and by car.
Tuesday, September 1.
Cloudy then sunny. 21C.

Bill, Mom and I took a nice walk along the beach before breakfast this morning. The tide was very low due to the full moon the other night.


After breakfast Mom and I drove through Parrsboro towards Cape Split. We parked the car at the side of the road and pedaled our bikes 6km to the FORCE tidal energy research centre. Cape Split is the narrowest part of the Fundy system and the water rushes through the channel with the equivalent force of a hurricane. Fascinating.


We pedaled back to the car and then kept on driving. When we saw this sign we stopped for a snack. Got chatting with some folk who were dishing dirt about the local Blueberry Baron.


We carried on to the village of Advocate, hopped on the bikes again and pedalled out to see Red Rocks and The Driftwood Beach.


There were all sorts of things washed up on shore.


Our afternoon was dwindling fast so we got back to the car and drove to Cape d’Or to check out the lighthouse and the view from the cliffs.


We were running late for our chowder supper back at Chez Nye, but in classic East Coast fashion, so were they. Bill had been fly fishing and Liz was catching up from her busy afternoon. We all swapped stories of our day over a delicious meal.

We had a little down time after supper and then everyone shuffled off to bed. I caught the moon rising up over the basin as the tide was slowly trickling in.



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