Summer 2015: The Family Route

Day 11: Shediac, Alma, Cape Enrage, Hopewell Rocks, Hillsborough, Riverview and Moncton ( by car).
Sunday, August 30.
Sunny with a Summer fog. 23C.

After sleeping in this morning we had oatmeal for breakfast in our room. We stopped by the bakery on the way out of Shediac but they are not open on Sundays. On our way to Alma we stopped in Fundy National Park to witness a Summer fog.


We walked around through Alma and visited the farmer’s market.


After that we stopped for lunch at Cape Enrage under a blanket fog.


By the time we had finished eating the fog had lifted.


Then we took a walk along the beach.


After an impressive morning touring around in New Brunswick, we decided to stop at Hopewell Rocks. The tide was out and we took a walk on the ocean floor.


The “Flower Pot Rocks” are larger tan life and beyond words to describe.


Despite the throngs of other tourists we were able to enjoy some of the beach to ourselves. It was a memorable visit.


Carrying on from Hopewell we stopped briefly in Hillsborough where my maternal Great Grandmother was born. I wondered if any of the pictures she painted were scenes from the area.

We made a brief stop in Riverview to see the Spongey Seat guy who makes ergonomic bicycle seats and then we continued on to Moncton where we found a place to stay for the night. It was 8pm by this point so we had another late supper in our room. 

Midnight has snuck up on us again! Tomorrow we will be heading to Nova Scotia.


One thought on “Summer 2015: The Family Route

  1. hi James and Wendy ! You left the day before I got back from out west (M&J already told me). It looks like you were in the same rain at first, that followed me from Thunder Bay, ha. It was a different storm all the way across the prairies – I was able to stay near the center of that one, if I didn’t ever stop to sleep, so it wasn’t too bad. In Saskatchewan there was a huge lightning storm all around, but you can see so far away there, it wasn’t dangerous, just fun to watch. There were a lot of curves in BC with speed warning signs. If it said 75 it was ok to go 90, but if it said 20 they actually weren’t kidding. Lots of places where the road is fairly straight there is no guard rail, even if there’s a cliff right beside the shoulder. One time there was an elk on the road in the dark. They are so dumb – he was 3/4 of the way across but when he saw my headlight he turned around and crossed again in front of me. That was the night I almost broke my ankle too, and ended up with 4 other people, sleeping in a gas station parking lot. Nice view though, with the full moon on the mountains. I remember going through Matapedia valley, years ago, beautiful. Bernie

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