Summer 2015: The Blueberry Route

Day 6: Peribonka to Alma 56km
Tuesday, August 25
Sunny with some clouds. 25

There was rain overnight and some serious thunder and lighting that woke us both up. Before breakfast we walked down to the dock to inquire about the ferry. The first sailing was 10am so we had no need to rush. Back at the Aubergite de Bonheur breakfast was served…


And then breakfast was gone.


We retrieved the bikes from their room.


As scheduled we caught the ferry to Pointe Tallion Provincial Park at ten o’clock. The pilot was quite knowledgeable and told us all about how the rivers and Lake were flooded in 1926.


He also mentioned that the park is a moose preserve. We only saw tracks.


There were warnings about other things too…


The weather was getting warmer as the day went on so we stopped to cool off in the lake. The water was lovely and cool and the beach had interesting striations in the sand.


When we left the park we were on the road again, traveling through more beautiful countryside.


It seemed to take forever but eventually we arrived in the industrial city of Alma. Evidence of this was apparent throughout the city like this view from the bike path.


We found the bakery we had been told about and stopped in for a snack. We needed that extra bit of energy to traverse the hills in town and make it to our motel.


Once we checked in it started to rain. Then it absolutely poured. After an hour we were able to walk to the store for our supper without getting to wet. There is another thunderstorm this evening and we have the curtains pulled back to watch.


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